The A couple of things we thought you needed to know.  For AMA Rules in all the disciplines, CLICK HERE.Belleville Enduro Team is a private organization committed to its members and community.  All grounds, trails, and meeting areas are available only to its members and guests.  The race courses are limited to members only, except on AMA Sanctioned Event race days.  No recreational riding on race days.   Tickets are available at the gate.
To Enter Front Gate and To Race:
Anyone under 18 must have parents at race to sign waiver or notarized consent giving a guardian permission to sign waiver.
Motorcycles and ATVs -- AMA Rules recognized. Number plates must be displayed according to AMA rules. Get your copy of the AMA rules by visiting the AMA website.

Number plates for all quads must clearly be visible from the front, right side, left side, and rear in order for you to be allowed to compete. Not visible from all four sides, not allowed to enter race! ATV Number plates must be a white background with black numbers. Motorcycles must have numbers visible from the front and both sides in accordance with AMA Rules.
All motorcycles, ATV riders who enter all scheduled MX or all scheduled TT/Scrambles will receive awards at the last MX or TT event.

No pets - No Bicycles - No open fires, except those in approved BBQ grills (No fires on the ground) - No Alcohol in the pits - No riding pit bikes or race machines outside pit area - No Firearms - No Underage Drinking.
Violation of any of these rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including your disqualification and removal from the premises and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

 Any rider of any off road motorcycle or ATV being ridden or operated within the confines of the club grounds must wear a DOT approved helmet.

 Rain Check Policy: If all 1st round heat races have been completed, this will constitute a full racing program. The entire awards will be paid and no rain checks will be given. In the event of rain before all 1st round heat races have been completed, your ticket stubs will be honored as a rain check for any remaining races for this racing season. Sorry, NO REFUNDS!


Centreville Avenue and Mine Haul Road Belleville, IL US