Centreville Avenue and Mine Haul Road Belleville, IL US

The History of the Belleville Enduro Team

The Belleville Enduro Team was formed, incorporated and chartered by the American Motorcyclist Association in 1965 by about a dozen interested people. At that time, the "Enduro" was very popular and most of the members participated in these events. This is where the club name originated. The club soon found that land closures were causing riding areas and places to hold endurance runs impossible to find. Due to the irresponsible acts of a few people, most riding areas vanished. The Enduro Team, then about twenty-five members strong, decided to chip in two hundred dollars each and buy some ground.
The Enduro Team was able to acquire the very property that we are still using today on a bond for deed payment agreement. At the time of purchase, strip mine ground was thought to be useless. To help pay for the land purchase, the Enduro Team began holding a variety of AMA sanctioned events. The events were a mixture of Hill Climbs, Trials, Scrambles, Hare and Hounds, Closed Course Enduros, Short Track and a few Go Kart events.
The membership of the club today still has a number of the "Founding Fathers" along with many younger members, who do much of the work. We are about one hundred members strong today and argue just as much as we did in 1965, but we still manage to get the job done. No one gets paid in cash; just the pleasure of having a place to meet, eat and ride with no signs that say "KEEP OUT."
The Belleville Enduro Team's race events have helped fund financial contributions to local charities. Serving as corner marshals since 1981, we continue to assist the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association in promoting and working the Springfield and DuQuoin Mile National Championship Races. Our scrambles track has spawned no less than eight national dirt members with the likes of former National Number One Bubba Schobert.
With the presentation of this year’s B.E.T. Racing Series, we hope to give the spectators a great show, the participants a great place to race,  Let us make it a success by working hard together. Thank you all for attending our events and supporting our sponsors.
The Membership of the Belleville Enduro Team

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